I have always wanted to write fiction. As a young girl, I spent much of my time reading books, especially science fiction. This was during the 1960’s, the heyday of hard science fiction. I grew up on Alan Nourse, Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, James Schmidt, etc. Science fiction was very popular during this time, but interest in it seemed to wane until recently. Now there are more authors and titles than ever.

I’ve spent the last 10 years writing an anonymous blog, writing fairly controversial articles supporting a non profit organization. I had a lot of fun doing this as a volunteer. But I have decided to try my hand at writing fiction, which has always been my first love.

Last year, I took a short writing course. This course taught by letting people write scenes under 450 words that had a selected theme from the instructor. I had lots of fun being critiqued and critiquing others. It’s amazing how others can help improve your writing.

Wish me luck.