This writing assignment was to create an idea for a scene and add a twist between the start of the scene and the end of a scene. The maximum length of the scene was to be around 450 characters. The scene is written from a combined third character POV.

The air shimmered brightly above the ritual circle, bringing the painted ring of symbols and runes to life. Inside the circle, the demon’s shadowy form observed the three men outside the perimeter. Two men were standing and the third one was lying unconscious on the floor. Azrael, the demon, looked beyond the men and saw the old, dark industrial building. He needed to get home. Out of here. Now.

Azrael screamed “Let me go or I’ll kill you.” He said it again, but the men did not understand him. He tried to push back the glowing hemisphere of light, no luck. If he could break the circle now, he would be sent back to his own dimension, back into his own physical form. He desperately pushed, raked his claws and flapped his wings against the sphere. Nothing happened. Azrael had no corporeal form in this dimension. He needed to break the circle before the second part of the ritual started.

The tall man, mouth agape, looked at the demon in the circle “Holy shit Tim, it actually worked. What’s next?”

“I knows my demonology,” said Tim, with a smirk. He dragged the prone figure closer to the encircled runes. He tied a small amulet inscribed with symbols around the man’s dirty neck. “Now get ready to push this fucker in when I say so.”

“Oh gross,” the tall man said. “He’s shit and pissed his pants.”

“Don’t be such a pussy,” Tim said. “Now, that should do it.” They rolled the hapless man into the circle. Azrael shrieked loudly as the he and the shimmering lights in the ring collapsed and winked out. The drugged man in the painted circle moaned and opened his brilliant green eyes, Azrael’s eyes.

Sam, his name was Sam. Azrael quickly read Sam’s thoughts. He was a very lonely man, a man with few friends. Sam, come on. We only have a minute to stop them. We don’t want to be their slave.

Tim raised his hand and cut himself with a knife, drawing blood. He stepped inside the circle and knelt to put his bloody hand on the amulet. Azrael grabbed the knife. He plunged it into Tim’s stomach. Tim screamed and fell over. Azrael slashed and slashed until Tim stopped moving. Azrael looked around. The tall man was nowhere to be seen.

Tim forgot the rule. Don’t bring the knife into the circle. Azrael looked around dazed and covered in Tim’s blood.

What do we do now? Sam tried to stand, couldn’t, and crawled shakily out of the circle.

Try to get me back home, my friend. Azrael removed the amulet.